ST. MARK Mission and Vision Statements

As we celebrate our 50th year as a parish, it was appropriate to take a look at the direction of the parish as reflected in our Mission and Vision Statements.  After receiving input from many parish members, a small committee undertook the task of revising the Mission and Vision Statements to reflect not only who we already are, but also to challenge us to what we want to further become as a parish.

The Mission Statement is short, direct and easy to remember and the Vision Statement offers deeper and broader meaning while both call us to greater commitment as disciples of Christ.

We’ll be hearing more about these statements in the coming weeks as we focus on four words:  Worship, Invite, Nurture and Serve. As we commit to living these words, God’s kingdom and our whole parish WINS!

Mission Statement

We the people of ST. MARK Catholic Church are called by Christ

to Worship God,

to Invite all with love,

to Nurture our faith, and

to Serve others

Vision Statement 

ST. MARK parish is a Catholic community loved by God, called by Jesus our Lord and Savior and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We are called to embrace a personal relationship with Christ.  We meet Him and each other as we Worship through the Sacraments and in our liturgy where we are taught and fed.  As followers of Jesus, we Invite all to discipleship. We Nurture and strengthen our faith individually and in our Christian faith formation communities as we support each other on our spiritual journey.  We are witnesses of Christ’s love and mercy by Serving others through our ministries and outreach as we proclaim the Gospel in our community and to the world.



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