Message from Fr. Pat – 3/29/20

Posted on March 28, 2020

Our ST. MARK Parish and Community
With all our public Masses and parish activities and organizations cancelled or postponed, the quiet of the Church, the emptiness of the parking lot, and the lack of personal contact give the appearance of a parish closed. But please be assured, and even confident, that the parish and the community are still with us and of us. While not public, Mass is still being celebrated everyday—of course for the Special Intention requested for the particular day—also with the direct appeal for blessings upon all of us, the Parish Community of ST. MARK, and then all those (and all of us) affected by the coronavirus; that those who have died are now in the joy of God’s presence, that their families and friends are consoled and strengthened, that those who are sick come to full health, that the doctors, nurses, technicians, and health-care workers be committed in their care of the sick and that they remain healthy and strong, that the researchers and scientists find a serum, a cure, for this horrible virus, and that we all be vigilant in our care for ourselves and in our prayers and help to others. Of course, I am going to ask you to continue supporting the parish and the community prayerfully, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. The church remains open for Spiritual Communion in your visits to the Blessed Sacrament; for the Sacrament of PENANCE, especially on Wednesdays, “The Light is ON for You!”; and for the drop-off gifts that you can bring for the St. Lucy Food Project, and for the Matthew 25 Family PASS Pantry. We are still here, we are still ST. MARK, we are always loved by God! I am, we are, Father Pat, the Parish Staff, the Pastoral Council, the Commissions, and the Parish and Community of ST. MARK. God bless and keep you all!


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