Because Fr. Pat and the Worship Commission want to keep everyone as safe as possible, we have decided to delay the start of Masses until the weekend of June 6-7. This means we will have adequate time to plan and prepare, which translates to keeping everyone safe and healthy.

This weekend (5/31/20): We will have the 9:30 AM Live-stream Mass as usual, as well as the 11 AM Communion Service in the parking lot.
Weekday Masses will be held in the church beginning with 9:15 am Mass on Monday. Please check back for more details on Mass next weekend.

For the Communion Service Parishioners are asked to:
*Park in a staggered way:
*Those who have mobility issues and need to receive in their car please park in the lot just past the rectory (follow the signs)
*Remain inside the car with the windows rolled down for the duration of the service
*Only leave the car to receive Communion
*Fr. Pat will move to each row of cars to distribute, and the row will be dismissed once everyone in that row has received.
*Only receive Communion when you are directed to remove your mask after responding “Amen” to receive and replace immediately
*Remain socially distanced at all times

Please note:
*Per Diocesan guidelines, FACE COVERINGS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES while on church premises. This includes the parking lot. Please do not remove your face covering until it is time for you to receive Communion. Remove your mask after responding “Amen” then, please replace it as soon as you have received.
*If you choose to wear gloves, they must be removed before receiving Communion.
*Communion will be distributed under one species only (no Precious Blood) and people will be called up row-by-row, depending on the number of people per car. We thank you for your patience, as this may take some time.
*Please remember that while we are offering this Communion Service, the Bishop’s dispensation from attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist are still in effect. Please do not feel that you must attend; take into account your health and your family’s health and don’t feel pressured one way or the other.

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive our Lord in the Eucharist. Please respect the guidelines and rules given in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.


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