Coming Together as the ST. MARK Family

Posted on November 10, 2021

We rejoice as we return to a more normal parish life. Two weekends ago, we heard from the Finance Council about the challenges that the ST. MARK family faced over the past year and how fortunate we are to be on solid financial footing We are asking everyone to reflect on HOW we will share our TIME, TALENT and TREASURE to help us continue to come together as the ST. MARK family this coming year.

You can view what the Finance Council had to say by going to Then, last week-end, you were asked to return the Commitment Form you received in the mail. Unfortunately, the delivery of the letters has been delayed. In the meantime, you may contact Faith Direct (FD) through the ST. MARK FD website or by calling FD directly at (703.507.8757). Remember, our current budget shows a deficit of $284,638 after assuming a 2.5% increase in offertory and including planned Capital Improvements (CI) to address our aging campus. To address that deficit, we will be able to cover the estimated $310,134 of capital improvement expenses through CI reserves, projected CI donations and, if needed, the one-time Diocesan Extraordinary Dividend.

Thank You to everyone for your consideration of your Stewardship to the parish, and for your help to the parish’s Stewardship of your TREASURE. For those still considering, Thank You for your thoughts, and prayers, toward your response.

We need your help to continue Coming Together as the ST. MARK Family!



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