Raise Your Hand!

If you are considering a ministry in the parish there are many opportunities to contribute across the whole spectrum of Worship, Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Community Growth and Service, along with various other possibilities as part of our community, such as the School or administrative support in the parish office.

And included here are the challenge and the reminder, whether in a first ministry or in a new ministry, to offer our skills, our abilities, our interest in service of the call and the responsibility for ourselves, the beloved daughters and sons of God, to show forth our Stewardship of TIME, TALENT, AND TREASURE in the love of God and in the love of our neighbor.

So, thank you for your ministry – and thank you for stepping up to a ministry – and thank you, O Lord, for your grace to make our ministry an example of your love.

Thank you, that you Raise Your Hand, in ministry, for and with our ST. MARK Church!


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