St. Mark Catholic School

ST. MARK Catholic School

Vienna, VA

National Blue Ribbon Scholar

Grade 5: Middle School Preparation


Students in the 5th grade follow a rigorous middle school preparatory academic regimen, focused on developing independence in work ethic, decision-making, study skills, organization, and good personal habits.

Students have a homeroom teacher, but switch classrooms daily for Religion, English/Social Studies and Math/Science. With a year-long focus on learning about the world, students learn new skills and knowledge across the subject areas with an added lens of their chosen country, creating a cross-curricular component that helps students extend and deepen content knowledge while developing new skills.

Many of our upper elementary students build and expand on what they’re learning in the classroom through participation in school clubs and enrichment activities such as band, choir, Catholic Math League, debate, CYO sports teams and more.

Grade-Specific Special Areas of Focus and Presentations:

5th Grade—Year-long study of world geography, followed by International Day, Catholic Math League, DARE, full semester of intensive robotics.