St. Mark Catholic School

ST. MARK Catholic School

Vienna, VA

National Blue Ribbon Scholar


Carpool Overview

Carpool Pointers

  • DO turn off your engine once stopped at a cone.
  • DO stay in your car and let the safety patrol/adult help your child out of the car.
  • DO let children out of your car ONLY on the curb side (where safety patrol or adults are standing.)
  • DO drive below 10 mph anywhere on the church/school property. SLOW is always better for safety
  • DO pull your car up close behind the car in front of you for both drop-off and pick-up times.
  • DO let children out of your car ONLY when the safety patrol or adults are ready to assist them in or out of the car.
  • DO tell your child what car to look for in the afternoon carpool line. (It helps speed the process.)
  • DO send an email to if there is a change in carpool. The other driver must be cc’d on the email and they must confirm the switch via the email.
  • DO hang your carpool tag from your rearview mirror in the afternoon.
  • DO arrange for a carpool if you have not already done so. All families are required to participate in a carpool. We are under a mandate from Fairfax County to have 2.75 children in each car. Please help us do this!
  • DO NOT pick up students from the office between 3:15-3:30 p.m.
  • DO NOT use a cell phone in the carpool line 
  • DO NOT walk with children through the carpool line.

Thank you for your cooperation and for sharing your children with us!