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Student Supplies 2020-2021

The Parent Teacher Parishioner Organization (PTPO) can save you some leg work and help with school supplies. If you are interested in ordering your child’s school supplies for next year, please click here and place your order by July 1 (no exceptions)! Otherwise, you may purchase supplies using the shopping lists on our website (which will be posted later in the summer). 

All the supplies are brand name and will be delivered directly to your child’s classroom before the start of school next year. NO SHOPPING! This is the same company we used in past years with great success!


If you did not make the ordering deadline, supply lists for each grade are listed below.

A note from Mrs. Parker:

Dear Wonderful ST. MARK Families:

During this time, sharing of school supplies is to be avoided. Our wonderful teachers are aware of this and are working on what it will look like in their classrooms. For example, our middle school science teacher is putting together individual science kits for students so they will have their own supplies for experiments and activities. For art, students will need to have their own art supplies. With the increased use of technology, we are asking all students to come to school with their own personal headphones. Teachers have put together an additional supply list (included below), but please know there may be a few additional requests once the year begins. If that is the case, teachers will communicate that information with families directly.

Thank you for your support!

God bless,
Mrs. Parker


Pre-School Supply List 2020-2021 (part time 3- & 4-year old class)

PK-4 Supply List 2020-2021 (5-Day full-day program)

Kindergarten Supply List 2020-2021

1st Grade Supply List 2020-2021

2nd Grade Supply List 2020-2021

3rd Grade Supply List 2020-2021

4th Grade Supply List 2020-2021

5th Grade Supply List 2020-2021 ** PLEASE NOTE – Last year’s 5th grade supply list was inadvertently uploaded. The correct list was uploaded on 9/2/2020. We are so sorry for the mistake!

Middle School Supply List 2020-2021