St. Mark Catholic School

ST. MARK Catholic School

Vienna, VA

National Blue Ribbon Scholar

Parent Testimonials

We chose ST. MARK for a number of reasons, including academic excellence and parental involvement, but the primary factor in our decision really came down to the quality of the staff and teachers. From the principal to the teachers to the custodians, every employee is a kind, loving person who wants only the best for our children in every facet of their lives. In addition to ensuring that our kids are academically prepared, ST. MARK
ensures that our kids are taught daily to be caring and generous people. We could not ask for anything more in a school.

— parents of a 3rd grader, 1st grader and preschooler


ST. MARK School gave our children a very strong academic foundation. They were so well-prepared for high school. But more importantly, our children learned strong values and morals that have sustained them well during the challenging teenage years.

— parents of ST. MARK graduates


When we ask them what they like most about ST. MARK, our children always talk about their teachers and how much they truly care about their students. This warm environment helps our children love learning. This is very important to our family, and we are happy that such a school exists!

— parents of  6th & 8th graders


We absolutely love the Extended Day Care program (EDC). I credit the program with making it so easy for our daughter to settle in last year. It truly is like a family—the director’s love for the children is inspiring. Watching the older children watch over the younger ones, helping them with homework and playing with them, truly made me happy that my daughter has such good role models to emulate. We also loved her teachers who made us feel so welcome. The computer teacher turned Wednesdays into our daughter’s favorite day of the week!

— parent of a  2nd grader


I looked carefully at the many school options available in this area, but the main reason I chose ST. MARK was because, while my husband was deployed at the time, I felt that my children needed extra “TLC”. The ST. MARK community provided this for all of us, even sending care packages to my husband while he was overseas.

— mother of preschoolers


When we toured the school, it was obvious that the children were learning and happy and that the teachers were happy to be there. This made quite an impression on us. Our dinner-table discussions always center around what happened at school, and we hear such great details about how creative and fun the teachers are. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send our sons to ST. MARK School.

— parents of a 6th grader, 3rd grader and kindergartener