St. Mark Catholic School

ST. MARK Catholic School

Vienna, VA

National Blue Ribbon Scholar


The Parent, Teacher, Parishioner Organization (PTPO) of ST. MARK Catholic School is sponsored by the school to promote a cooperative effort at meeting certain needs of the student body. The parent organization is subject in all respects to the control of the school, and all parent organization activities and all materials prepared by parents must be submitted to the principal/administration for approval prior to implementation and/or distribution.

Box Tops Summer 2019 Collection 

Pops for Tops 

Help us reach our goal of $1000! Start collecting now and over the summer. Turn in your collection to the school by September 6th 2019. Please ask your friends, family, and neighbors to save Box Tops for you too.

You get one pop for the first 10 Box Tops and one pop for each additional Box Top after that! So if you collect 20 Box Tops this summer, you are taking home 11 pops! Collect 30, and take home 21 pops! Collect 40, and take home 31 pops. The more you collect, the more you get. Each Box Top counts for $0.10 towards our $1000 goal.

Please place your intact, unexpired Box Tops on a collection sheet or a zip-top bag.

Download Collection Sheets

Learn more about Box Tops