St. Mark Catholic School

ST. MARK Catholic School

Vienna, VA

National Blue Ribbon Scholar

Academic Enrichment

The PTPO organizes fun and educational before- and after-school enrichment activities for ST. MARK students.    

2020 Spring Enrichment Offerings

Chess, Grades K – and Up: Fridays, 3/20 to 5/22, 7:35 AM – 8:25 AM, Skip days: 4/10/2020, 4/17/2020 

Coding (Arcade Action), Grades 2 – 5: Thursdays, 3/19 to 5/21, 3:40 – 4:40 PM, Skip days: 4/9, 4/16

Robotics (Zoo Bots), Grades 1 – 5: Mondays, 3/30 to 6/1, Skip days: 4/13, 5/25

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for Robotics. The volunteer responsibilities include:

  1. Attending the afterschool activity session each week.
  2. Arriving at 3:30 pm and greeting the instructor.
  3. Ensuring the instructor arrives and departs the school building.
  4. Ensuring students are picked up by their parents or specified guardian at the end of class.
  5. Escorting children that are not picked up to EDC.
  6. Identifying a substitute if you are unable to attend a session.

Contact Jolie Gaspard with any questions about Enrichment offerings!